Capital Auto Lease Payment Calculator with Buyout / Residual Value

Vehicle Leases work similarly as Car Loans; however there are two major differences. The first difference is the ownership. If you take a car loan then you take the ownership from day one. The bank or credit institution sometimes may place financial interest so they can reclaim the car if you default on your loan. The second difference is the Buyout or Residual Value. Car loans normally go towards a full repayment. On the other side, car leases often come with a buyout value. It means that at the end of the lease term your leasing company either takes the … Read More

How to Calculate Mortgage Payoff Lump Sum Amount (Balance)?

Normally at the end of mortgage when it’s fully repaid the balance is zero. However, in some situations you will need to calculate the outstanding balance of your loan. This happens usually when: You want to refinance your mortgage (pay off first and take another) You inherit, earn or otherwise obtain large amount of money and decide to payoff your mortgage (wise choice!) Selling your old home Selling your old home and buying a new one Off course, there may be other reasons, but the above 4 are the most common ones. So, the question is: How do you calculate … Read More

Car Loan Financing & Refinance APR Payoff Calculator in Excel

Are you thinking about purchasing a new (used) car? Or do you have car already and want to refinance it for whatever reason – be it a lower Interest Rate, lower Repayments or a better Finance Deal? In this case we have a perfect Calculator in Excel just for what you need! To download a sample click here: get sample Note: The sample version is limited to just 30 payments. If you need more than 30 repayment then you can purchase the full version of this calculator. To do so click here: buy full version We have also prepared a … Read More

Principal and Interest Calculator for Loans & Mortgages in Excel

Payment terms for mortgages are usually the longest of all loans. It makes sense to pay some Extra Principal as often as you can. Making so can dramatically reduce Total Repayment Time of the Loan and also save you lots of money on Interest. For this purpose we have created a great Mortgage Calculator in Excel that breaks down Repayment Amount into Principal and Interest. It also allows for Extra Payments in each period. To download a sample click here: get sample The sample is limited to 30 payments. Try it first and if it does what you need then … Read More

Refinance Mortgage or Loan with Excel Modification Calculator

Have you got an existing Loan or Mortgage, would like to refinance it and are keen to see how the modification may influence your financial situation? In this case we have just the right Calculator in Excel for you. It will show you exactly what impact amending multiple Loan Parameters will have. This Calculator requires Microsoft Excel 2007 or 2010 to be installed on your computer. To download a sample of this calculator: click here The sample is limited to max. 30 repayments. Please do some testing and make sure that it will suit your requirements. Then you can purchase … Read More

Grocery Shopping in Supermarkets – 10 Tips to Save You Money

Food and grocery purchases make up huge part of almost every family’s expenses. Yet, how many of you are really paying attention to how are you spending your budget? Sure, you may prefer certain cheaper shops, buying sale items or buying in bulk. This, however, in most cases is not enough from overspending. I personally go often to the supermarket to buy one or two items we just run out, but end up coming back home with two or three plastic bags full of groceries. You may blame yourself if this happens to you, too. However, in most cases this … Read More

Save Money on Mortgage Interest Payments With Excel Calculator

Mortgage is usually the largest and longest running debt ordinary people like you and me have in their life. But how many of us treat it in a manner: “get the home loan, set up regular automatic payments and forget about it”? This is a big mistake! Let’s say you have a mortgage $400,000 for 25 years at 6.00% p.a. interest rate. Do you know how much interest on top of the loan amount will you pay during the entire mortgage term? Here is a quick calculation: If you are making monthly repayments, the total amount of interest paid for … Read More